「FUN World」FUN Mood
Located on the 5th floor, serves both of the outdoor space and indoor space, create a large and blessed space to have fun time for kids and parents.
The most popular activity is the 「Hi Fun BALL POOL」, length 5.3 meters *width 5 meters, the huge colorful ball pool must be charming to kids.

 ◎Admission:A baby under three years old is free with “Health Insurance Card ”or “Children’s health booklet”; Parents are required to enter with tickets.
 A kid is required to enter with tickets.
Ticket Price Remarks
(Day ticket)
NTD$150  A ticket could be a voucher for food on the 5th floor or the electric toy cars.
(Seasonal ticket 90days)
NTD$2000 There is one  “Parents visa” as a freebie, only one parent is admitted for each time.
Membership is recognized by the name and only the membership card holder would be admitted.
NO modification and transfer after the membership verified.
(Year ticket)
※FREE for guests staying in the TCH hotel, except electric toy cars.
◎To maintain the sanitation and safety, please follow the rules below:
(1) NO admission if you got fever, infectious disease, or rare medical conditions.
(2) Please follow the instructors and the rules to avoid the accidents.
(3) Everyone is required to wear socks and pants.
(4) No eating and drinking(except water). Please prepare your own water bottle for protecting our earth.
◎Opening time:
Tuesday~Friday 13:00~21:00
Saturday~Monday 09:00~21:30 

--------------------------Implementation Measures for Diversion Control--------------------











Reservations are available for the above time period. Please register and queue up atthe counter on the fifth floor 10 minutes before admission to facilitate admission arrangements. Thank you again for your cooperation , and let us protect your and my health together.
※Only one adult with children in to the playroom to protect each guest's rights and interests.